I was born in Ipswich and have lived there all my life.

I am mainly inspired by the arts, 1930, 40’s and 50 movies, and French movies. I get my images from my imagination, or magazines and most often, from photographs I have taken myself on my travels in France and elsewhere. I love to paint with some wonderful French music playing in the back ground.

About the Artist

My work is inspired by colour, architecture, France and life around me. I decided from a young age I wanted to be an artist, and follow in my Dad’s footsteps. I tried for years to paint ‘conventionally’ with watercolours, but it just didn’t happen for me. Yet I loved the medium of watercolours. So one day I decided to just paint with them as I would with other mediums, such as oil’s or acrylics, and I haven’t looked back since! I love the idea that you can see many different colours in a subject, even if at first they are not immediately visible to the naked eye, and I hope my work reflects that.

I have painted from before my days at school, as my father was an artist. He taught me how to draw, paint, and the importance of detail and the initial sketch. The rest of all I do is self-taught, for my sins.

I have had a few one woman shows in Ipswich and exhibited at many other galleries across East Anglia.

Kathie has also done a picture for the ‘Coping with Breast Cancer’ Charity, which raised nearly £400 at auction. If you would like a copy of this picture…’A Sunny House,’..details are in the gallery and all profits from the sale of these prints will go to the above named charity.

The Gallery section shows a list of work currently available. If you would like to purchase any of these Original works, please let us know through the ‘contact us’ button.

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